All of my works, films and music are produced 100% independently, and my films are screened widely in public screenings around the world, then released and made available online for free.

I create create work that I am passionate about, and I don’t believe in creating “barriers” that will stop anyone from watching/listening from anywhere around the world; all that is required is just an internet connection.

With the exception of my latest film REVENIR (To Return), which was produced via crowdfunding, I work alone as a one-person filmmaker, completely independent and self-funding my work, with no financial backing.

I generally self fund, produce, direct, shoot, edit and distribute my own films.

I self-release all of my own music, and make all of the sheet music for my piano compositions available for free download, or via donation.

If you appreciate my work and would like to help in any way (for example translations, organising screenings, distribution, etc), please send an email to:

If you would like to support financially, you can purchase my films on DVD directly HERE, you can purchase my music directly HERE, or make a financial contribution HERE.

Your support will allow me to remain independent, and help me to continue to make films and cover stories that the mainstream media doesn’t pay nearly enough attention to, as well as assisting me to distribute my existing films and music, work on new music and film projects, and continue to make all of my work available online for free.

Many thanks for your support.

DAVID FEDELE – Independent filmmaker, pianist, composer and producer