LA LUNA (Solo Piano Composition)


Sound Match Magazine – October 2019 (in Italian)

Music Revue – September 2019

The Musicway Magazine – September 2019


REVENIR (To Return) – 81mins/2018

Articles and Interviews

+31Mag, the Netherlands – Interview, December 2018 (in Italian)

Oktoskop, Austria – Television Interview, December 2018 (in English) 

Birgun Gazetesi, Turkey – Interview,  November 2018 (in Turkish)

Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany – Article/Interview, September 2018

Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany – Article/Interview, September 2018 (in German), Slovenia – Article/Interview, July 2018 (in Slovenian)

El Pais newspaper, Spain – Article/Review, 31st January 2018 (in Spanish)

ABC Radio 774 Melbourne (Drive Program) – Interview with Nicole Chvastek, 19th December 2016

Migrants’ Rights Network, United Kingdom – Blog Post, 21st November 2016

Talk Radio Europe – Interview with Pippa Jones, 17th November 2016


AUSTRALIAN ASYLUM POLICIES: Resettling refugees in Papua New Guinea

Articles and Interviews

Talk Radio Europe – Interview with Pippa Jones, 16th June 2017

Talk Radio Europe – Interview with Pippa Jones, 16th December 2016

ABC Radio 774 Melbourne (Drive Program) – Interview with Rafael Epstein, 14th June 2016

ABC Radio Australia (Wantok Program) – Interview with Caroline Tiriman, 7th June 2016

ABC Radio Australia (Pacific Beat) – Interview with Bill Bainbridge, 7th June 2016

The Guardian Newspaper – Article/Opinion, 20th May 2016


THE LAND BETWEEN – 78mins/2014

Articles, Reviews and Interviews

SBS Online (Refugee Film Festival) – Article, June 2017

Asinu Press – Article/Review, May 2017 (in Italian)

Blue Mountains Gazette – Article, May 2017

BORSEN Magazine, Denmark – Article, September 2016 (in Danish)

Telquel Magazine/Newspaper, Morocco – Article/Review, November 2015 (in French)

Metro Film Magazine, Australia – Interview/Review, October 2015

Dnevnik Newspaper, Serbia – Interview, October 2015 (in Serbian)

Le Fil D’Amnesty (Amnesty International Magazine), Belgium – Interview, July 2015 (in French)

Donde Dormiremos? Student film by Brian Ramirez – July 2015 (English & Spanish)

El Pais newspaper, Spain – Article/Review, July 2015 (in Spanish)

“Studio Ansage” Berlin Independent Radio Collective, Germany – Interview, June 2015

Talk Radio Europe – Interview, June 2015

Diari de Tarragona – Article, June 2015 (in Catalan)

Nador City online newspaper, Morocco – Review, May 2015 (in Arabic)

Nador City online newspaper, Morocco – Video interview, May 2015

Awarded “Special Mention” at International Film Festival of Cinema in Nador, Morocco –  May 2015

AFCAR Media – Interview, May 2015 (in Spanish)

Diario Publico online newspaper – Interview, April 2015 (in Spanish)

Portal 9 Journal – Review, April 2015

RAI Television, Italy – Interview, April 2015 (dubbed in Italian)

Heraldo de Aragon newspaper, Zaragoza, Spain – Interview, March 2015 (in Spanish)

La Directa newspaper, Catalunya/Spain – Interview, March 2015 (in Catalan)

El Pais newspaper, Spain – Interview, February 2015 (in Spanish)

Diari ARA newspaper, Barcelona – Interview, February 2015 (in Catalan)

Greenpeace Magazine, Germany – Interview, February 2015 (in German)

Loved and Found magazine, Germany – Interview, February 2015 (in German)

Green Film Network – Review and Interview, January 2015

AK Newspaper (Analyse und Kritik), Germany – Interview, December 2014

Fundacio Autonoma Solidaria (Autonomous University of Barcelona) – Review, November 2014

Periodismohumano (online Spanish magazine) Article/Press Release with CEAR – November 2014

Inside Story: “Documentary? Just Call it Cinema” – Film Review, October 2014

CEAR (Comision Espanola de Ayuda al Refugiado) – Press Release confirming “official partnership”, October 2014

iz3w Magazine, Germany – Interview (in German), August 2014

Festival della Montagna Cuneo – Interview (dubbed in Italian) following screening, June 2014

German National Television – ARD Das Erste “Titel, Thesen, Temperamente” – Interview, June 2014

Der Standard Newspaper (Austria) – Article (in German), June 2014

Festival of Migrant Film (Slovenia) – Interview, June 2014

Slovenian National Radio – Interview, June 2014 (English & Slovenian)

Slovenian National Television, “Osmi Dan” – Interview (from 06:40min – 11:00min), June 2014

Slovenian National Newspapers – Interviews, June 2014

MED-ITER-RIGHTS / Rights in Movement – Article/Review, May 2014

“A Soundwalk in Casablanca” (Stress FM) – Interview with Filmmaker David Fedele, February 2014

Morocco World News – Interview with filmmaker David Fedele , February 2014


E-WASTELAND – 20mins/2012

Articles, Reviews and Interviews

Megaphone Magazine, Austria – Article/Interview (in German), July 2015

SABADO online magazine/journal – Article and photos (in Portuguese), December 2013 online magazine/journal – Interview and photos, December 2013

Alternatives Journal (Canada’s Environmental Voice) – Review, May 2013

Telecom Paris Tech (Paris, France) – Discussion/Debate after screening – February 2013

Loodusober Magazine – Interview, October 2012 (Estonian magazine, in Estonian)

“Tradie Builds Film Career” – Manningham Leader Newspaper, September 2012 – Article and Interview, May 2012


BIKPELA BAGARAP (Big Damage) – 43mins/2011

Articles, Reviews and Interviews

“Illegal Logging is Still a Major Issue” – Post Courier Newspaper – Interview, January 2012

“Bikpela Bagarap on EMTV Tonight” – Post Courier Newspaper, 17th December 2012

“Destruction of PNG’s Rainforests” – Post Courier Weekend Extra (Cover Story) November 3rd, 2012

“Filmmaking in the Land of the Unexpected” – On-flight Magazine of Airlines PNG, July 2012, Article, September 2011

ABC Radio Australia, September 2011 with Miyuki Jokiranta

Pro REGENWALD, Article, September 2011 (in German)

Gorilla Film Magazine, Film Review, August 2011, Interview, August 2011

ABC Radio Australia, July 2011 with Clement Paligaru


PNG STYLE – 88mins/2010

“Fedele Films Solo Adventure” –  Post Courier Newspaper, 10th December 2012

“Filmmaking in the Land of the Unexpected” – On-flight Magazine of Airlines PNG, July 2012

Being awarded “BEST DOCUMENTARY” at Portobello Film Festival 2012 – London, UK