PNG STYLE  (Trailer above. Watch full film below.)
88mins/2010/4:3/Papua New Guinea
Produced, directed and filmed by David Fedele.
Edited and co-directed by Rebecca Kenyon.


Papua New Guinea “Land of the Unexpected”, a country of rugged mountain ranges, impassable terrain and isolated villages. With over 850 indigenous languages and cultural groups, people align themselves with their tribe before their nation.

PNG Style follows one-man film crew David Fedele on a 3 month solo journey through Papua New Guinea, armed only with a backpack, camcorder and travelling guitar.

Festivals – Awards
– Winner “BEST DOCUMENTARY” Portobello Film Festival – London, United Kingdom (2010)

Festivals – Official Selection
– Culture Unplugged Film Festival: Humanity Explored – Online (2012)
– Portobello Film Festival – London, United Kingdom (2010)

Television Broadcast
– FACE TV – Auckland, New Zealand (July 2013)
– EMTV – Papua New Guinea (December 2012)
– Kundu 2 – Papua New Guinea (June 2012)
– Channel 31 – Melbourne, Australia (December 2011 & December 2012)

PNG STYLE – Watch full film above

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